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Village Yoga

All who enter the door of this charming and friendly gathering place feel instantly enveloped in a sense of peace and tranquility.


The attentive & gracious teachers offer a full spectrum of classes ranging from the gentle Restorative, Kundalini, Yin for Flexibility, Slow, Gentle Slow Yoga (all great for beginners) to the more challenging Slow Yoga Flow, Vinyasa & Ashtanga. Donation Gong Meditation is enormously popular on Wednesday evenings.


RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training Begins August 27th.  More Information, click here.


Alternative Therapies - Ayurveda Consultation, Reiki, Bowen, Gong Therapy, Yoga & Thai Bodywork - are available by appointment.


Yoga Nidra + Auricular Acupuncture for Chemical Dependency is a specialty offered by Village Yoga’s Certified Acu-Detox Specialists. More Information, click here.




Meet The Teachers

Merrily McDonald


In March, 2014, I embarked on another journey (there have been many)  in my life, and Village Yoga was given to me for with the promise that it would become a success.  No money, just the promise.


After teaching yoga for 10 years and being involved in the opening of studio, I hesitantly (my husband shaking his head, “no, no, no”), jumped at the opportunity!  Since that humble beginning in August 2014, the studio has exponentially grown into what it is today.


My style of teaching is infused with a strong Ashtanga foundation, with a ton of compassion and humor my strengths.  Some have thought I spent time in the Armed Forces, challenging students to places they thought they could never go. With an educational background in social work and chemical dependency, I weave what I have learned and lived through in all my classes.

MJ McDonald


Since my first class eight years ago while on a date with my future wife, through breath and movement, I have learned more and more about myself than I ever imagined.


To this day, I consider myself a student first and then a teacher. Ashtanga…. What can I say but one breath, one movement, power yoga!


I enjoy connecting with students, especially the newer ones, watching and supporting them grow into full-on yogis.

Andy Brock


I met my first yoga teacher while working at a summer camp (a fitting beginning to my path of study) and began seriously studying with him the following fall in a lineage heavily influenced by Tibetan Heart Buddhism. Though that tradition was my scholarly introduction, it is not the limitation of my learning experience, and I shortly thereafter began to study in a second, related lineage of teachers in the tradition of Adviata Vedanta. I am very fortunate and greatly blessed to have such knowledgeable and compassionate gurus!

Stephanie Williams


From a young age, gymnastics, dance, and team sports taught me to be in playful wonder of the body. As an adult, yoga and meditation teach me how to maintain a healthy body, as well as awaken mental, emotional, and spiritual aptness. A big part of my intention as a teacher is to compassionately guide safe and progressive classes that leave room for the practice of breath, stillness, and peace.


 I look forward to meeting YOU at Village Yoga. Feel free to learn more about me and what I do at www.raisethevibeyoga.com

Samantha Mee


I am a certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Ayurveda translating to the science of life, or knowledge of longevity...which is the oldest health care system known to date. Its focus is helping individuals to balance all parts of their being (mind, body, & soul) and looking to correct imbalance which cause dis-EASE. I also recently completed an Ayurvedic Psychology (Spiritual Counseling course), helping one dive deeper into their psyche to remove unwanted habits and limiting benefits.

Regina Townsend


I am passionate about helping to bring balance into the lives of others by encouraging the release of old traumas locked in the memory of the body and mind.


I teach Restorative yoga at Village Yoga on Monday evenings because I love the intimate studio space there for promoting restorative postures and

releasing old tension in the mind and body. Through deep breathing and sloand purposeful movement the unwinding naturally begins to happen as students

relax to the sounds of beautiful soothing music.

Lexi Schaffer


I am incredibly passionate about helping others realize their highest potential in life. I believe we are here to manifest more joy, peace and abundance in all aspects of our busy lives. It is my mission to help you elevate your consciousness so you can experience a more liberated & fulfilled life.


I specialize in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and fuze both spiritual and practical principles into my teachings. When I’m not helping students achieve flow, I’m a Spiritual Life Coach at: www.modernkundalini.tv

Caryn Gallagher


My love for yoga began at the University of Michigan over 30 years ago.  Yoga has infused my life with energy, gratitude and presence.  I believe it is so important for us to have space and mindful moments to explore - to balance ease and effort and to truly feel and be in the present. What I love about Village Yoga is that it is a welcoming place for all to practice and polish off their inner shine to share once we step off our magic carpets and back into our lives. As a yoga and concierge wellness coach I am passionate about inspiring others to shine and to feel their best!

Katy Fenton


I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and was drawn to it not only because of its physical and emotional aspects, but its spiritual component.

 Following a family tragedy, teaching was a place that offered me healing, as well as a place to help others experience the benefits of this ancient practice.

 I have been certified through Jonny Kest and have continued my education and practice through workshops and retreats.


 The beauty of yoga is that it is ongoing, always evolving, and always heightening one's awareness.


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