About Village Yoga

It’s ALL ABOUT the students at Village Yoga.  Because the studio is quite small and intimate, all of our students feel welcome the moment they step through the door. We are a quaint, neighborhood gathering place.  Think “Cheers”, with all of the characters (and then some).


We all “begin again” every time a student steps onto a yoga mat, thus allowing all students to practice together, regardless of ability.  Some classes are warmer than others, but none so hot that you will feel suffocated.


Village Yoga students come to learn and practice yoga, gaining an all around education in all aspects that yoga has to offer.  Only 1% of a pure yoga practice takes place in a studio while on a mat; our students to become aware of the other 99%, which guides them to their true potential.


Village Yogis feel safe enough to personally challenge yet nurture themselves through the exceptional support and guidance from our highly educated and experienced teachers.


Experience authentic yoga the way it was meant to be taught.




Featured In Michigan Homes

As of March of 2017, Village Yoga has been featured in Michigan Homes. We have strived to be the best at what we do. For more information, please see the following article:


We were recently featured on Michigan Homes, one of

the top sites for Livonia, MI Real Estate. Check out the

article here: Village Yoga: Welcoming Beginners!

Our Styles

Village Yoga offers a full spectrum of classes – Ashtanga, Gentle Slow Yoga (Great for Beginners), Gong Meditation, Private, Restorative/Yoga Nidra, Slow, Slow Yoga Flow, Vinyasa, Yin for Flexibility & Recovery Yoga Classes.


Alternative Therapies are also offered. Ayerveda Consultation, Reiki, Gong Therapy, Auricular Acupuncture for Addiction and other Chronic Ailments and Yoga & Thai Bodywork


We believe that yoga is simple.  By teaching students how to create and maintain a personal yoga practice, our students improve and sustain their overall happiness, flexibility, productivity, harmony and strength.

Beginners - Never-Evers

Village Yoga is THE studio for Beginners, AKA, Never-Evers. Our unassuming studio is small enough where each student gets personalized attention.


Some Suggestions:


•  Wear a sports bras (women), shorts, tanks, yoga pants/shorts,

    loose clothing, whatever you feel

    comfortable moving and stretching in.

•  Drink water before/after class.  You are “lighting a fire” in class

    and if you drink a ton of water you will

    work much harder to keep that fire lit!

•  Practice Yoga on an empty stomach.

•  Bring a Towel.


Many ask, “Which class is right for me?”  Best answer is to check out all of the Class Styles and start from where YOU are.  Call or text Merrily with any questions that you may have.


Invite a friend, spouse, co-worker, to be your “yoga-buddy” for inspiration and accountability.  It’s amazing how well this buddy system works – truly.


We have everything that you will need for your first visit except your clothes!


If this is your first time, please fill out the emergency contact form.

Meet The Teachers
Merrily McDonald


Regina Townsend Stephanie Williams

In March, 2014, I embarked on another journey (there have been many)  in my life, and Village Yoga was given to me for with the promise that it would become a success.  No money, just the promise.


After teaching yoga for 10 years and being involved in the opening of studio, I hesitantly (my husband shaking his head, “no, no, no”), jumped at the opportunity!  Since that humble beginning in August 2014, the studio has exponentially grown into what it is today.


My style of teaching is infused with a strong Ashtanga foundation, with a ton of compassion and humor my strengths.  Some have thought I spent time in the Armed Forces, challenging students to places they thought they could never go. With an educational background in social work and chemical dependency, I weave what I have learned and lived through in all my classes.



In 1972, I experienced my first official yoga class when introduced to the practice during a modern dance class. It became a huge part of my life ever since never straying far from a mat.


I am passionate about helping to bring balance into the lives of others by encouraging the release of old traumas locked in the muscle memory of the body and mind through employing these various techniques.


I have always embraced yoga throughout my life in some way, shape or form. Being formally trained in ballet, gymnastics and an active athlete, I grew up in constant playful wonder of the body.


Since September 2012, I have completed 350+ hours of teaching certification in Integral, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, as well as 300+ hours in Thai massage. I aspire to teach clean and precise yoga, with attention to alignment and structural flow.

Dave Zoltowski MJ McDonald



Dave is a Personal Trainer who practices and teaches yoga. He is a walking and breathing encyclopedia of all knowledge regarding the body, how it works and how it can be repaired.


P90X was the system that brought Dave into his yoga practice, having to quit a DVD workout a client loaned him half-way through! If anything, Dave loves a challenge and walked next door to the Center for Yoga and took his first class with Jonny Kest in 2007 and “took to it like a fish to water”.


Samantha Mee


I am a certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Ayurveda translating to the science of life, or knowledge of longevity...which is the oldest health care system known to date. Its focus is helping individuals to balance all parts of their being (mind, body, & soul) and looking to correct imbalance which cause dis-EASE. I also recently completed an Ayurvedic Psychology (Spiritual Counseling course), helping one dive deeper into their psyche to remove unwanted habits and limiting benefits.

Katy Fenton


Katy has embraced yoga for over 25 years.


She began practicing at Center For Yoga, and has been practicing at numerous studios in and out of the Detroit metro area. She ended up at Ashtanga Yoga Room, owned by her son, Aaron Fenton, where she found strength, focus, and the spiritual side of his practice.

Andy Brock


I met my first yoga teacher while working at a summer camp (a fitting beginning to my path of study) and began seriously studying with him the following fall in a lineage heavily influenced by Tibetan Heart Buddhism. Though that tradition was my scholarly introduction, it is not the limitation of my learning experience, and I shortly thereafter began to study in a second, related lineage of teachers in the tradition of Adviata Vedanta. I am very fortunate and greatly blessed to have such knowledgeable and compassionate gurus!



32751 Franklin Road

Franklin, Michigan 48025

Parking & entrance in the rear