Highly Successful People Practice Mindfulness

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As most of you know, I get up very early (3am) and study, work on teacher training materials, practice Yoga Nidra.

This morning I was just perusing online magazine articles and stumbled upon Time Inc. and a psychology article, 10 Things the Most Successful People Do Every Day.

In the article, the author mentions that the number one book that these very successful people give as gifts is Siddartha, “The key lessons from Siddartha are that to accomplish anything, we need to be skilled at thinking, at enduring, and being patient.”

I just suggested yesterday to our yoga teachers in training to read this book!

Below is the LIST of the 10 Things the Most Successful People Do Every Day

1) Have A Mindful Morning Ritual

2) Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

3) Don’t Ignore The Clichés

4) Be Able To Think, To Endure, And To Wait

5) Have An “Overnight Task”

6) Clear The Path

7) They’re Not Evil. They’re Exhausted.

8) Remember The 5 Chimps Theory

9) Know When To Use Your Moral Compass

10) Get A “Jar Of Awesome”

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