Neurologist Makes a Powerful Yoga Teacher

Franklin Village Resident, Steven Schechter, M.D., as Yoga Teacher

Dr. Steven Schechter, has lived in Franklin since his home was completed in August 1999.

Teaching yoga and practicing neurology is like a match made in heaven. For many patients the two complement each other beautifully. A dual approach to treating some patients is more successful than just medication alone.
They become positively transformed gaining numerous health benefits, and feel better and more accepting and calmer. Being able to offer yoga and meditation and personally seeing the benefits of it is a joy to pass this on to patients who can gain so much from the practice.

Whenever I think of a flow I make a note of it like recording, a thought I don’t want to forget.

My med students also love the practice and we do meditation in the office!! Even Beaumont now offers yoga!

So many studies out now with beneficial results, I am grateful for having dual credentials, something very rare. MD, RYT!

Steven has been driving in the Annual Franklin Community Association Labor Day Round-Up for years.

The license plate is ex MOD, Ministry of Defense. It’s from the U.K., Like their version of army. It’s a 1972!! So cool!!

Come by Village Yoga immediately following this year’s parade to meet Steven at his book signing event.  Can’t make it?  Attend his Early Morning Vinyasa Class at 5:30am every Friday!

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