Auricular Acupuncture

Among the benefits reported by patients and clinicians are:

  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Improved treatment program retention;
  • More optimistic and cooperative attitude toward the process of recovery;
  • Reductions in cravings, anxiety, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals;
  • A strong calming effect.

We place 5 completely new, sterilized needles (the size of a hair follicle) in 5 points on the outer part of each ear. The benefits include the easing of chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, tension, stress, depression, food, drug & alcohol cravings, migraine headaches & digestive issues – just to name a few.

Offered during Donation Gong Meditation and by appointment.

  • In Class $10 (Cash Preferred)
  • Private Session $25
  • 5 Private Sessions $100

Yoga Nidra

Beneficial for everyone, but especially those individuals recovering from any type of temporary or chronic illness – i.e., Cancer, Diabetes, MS, Addictions, ADD, Back Pain and the like.

“This ancient science uses specific techniques to expand awareness in all states of consciousness and to stay in the present moment
• Negative patterns, or samskaras, are being released as we tap into our natural, restful wisdom.
• We then create new sensations that are pleasant.”
– Suzanne Manafort

Link to Yoga Nidra Meditations

Yoga & Thai Bodywork

General Wellness

Relaxation, Restoration & Stress Relief


Increase Flexibility and Circulation

Injury Recovery

Physical (sports) Therapy

Emotional Healing & Balancing

Relief from: chronic pain, sciatica, herniated disks, nerve damage, depression, anxiety, headaches…and much more!

Gong Meditation

During each session or after you may experience…

  • Deep relaxation & stress reduction;
  • An increase in overall energy;
  • More Motivation;
  • Mental or emotional clarity;
  • Release of old thought patterns or blocked emotions;
  • Heightened sense of intuition;
  • Visions of images or colors;
  • Visits from past loved ones;
  • Overall ease at which you’re able to handle the flow of life!
  • Private or group gong sessions are available…

 *If this is your first session it is recommended to receive 60 minutes of sound therapy, following sessions may be modified for more of an energetic tune up!

$40/30 min Private Sessions
$75/60 min Group Sessions
$160/60 min for 1-8 people
Donation Gong Meditation Every Wednesday, 7:30 – 8:30pm 


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction & relaxation that works to activate ones natural healing processes and restore physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health! Negative thoughts & feelings attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of ones energy. This has a direct effect on the vital function of ones organs and cells in the physical body. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive, loving, Reiki energy. Regardless of where you’re at in your health or path to self discovery, Reiki caters to everyone on an individual basis and will help support you in your healing.

  • In each session we will first discuss any present health concerns & reflect on your current lifestyle;
  • After establishing your individual needs you will be guided through a short meditation to support this process & set an intention for healing;
  • Staying fully clothed, you will then find a position that is comfortable for you to receive Reiki;
  • I will be intuitively guided to place my hands on or over the affected areas on your body to send the Reiki energy into this place;
  • Afterwards we will reflect upon the process, support anything that might have come up for you during the Reiki & answer any questions you may have.

 $75/ 45 min Session


When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need – Ayurvedic Proverb

 Ayurveda, sister science to Yoga, is an ancient system of healing that will help to uplift & transform your whole being (mind, body & spirit). Being the oldest practice known to date, Ayurveda literally translates to “knowledge of life” or “study of longevity”. Regardless of where you’re at in your health or path to self discovery, this practice caters to everyone on an individual basis and will help support you in your healing. As an Ayurvedic consultant I work very carefully with each client to figure out their constitution (doshas), where the imbalances are and how we can gracefully bring them back into alignment. Where there is imbalance there is dis-ease and Ayurveda addresses the root cause of disease! We will work together to formulate a practical & affordable way to rebuild your lifestyle from the ground up by making simple and moderate changes that will in the long run be so sustainable to your health & well being! Using basic things like food, spices, herbs, essential oils, meditation, yoga & music we can create a very manageable way to not only regenerate your health but also preserve it!

Ayurvedic Consultation

$75/1 Hour

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