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Donation Gong Meditation

Donation Gong Meditation + Auricular Acupuncture

A relaxing sound meditation. The Gong is an ancient instrument that has been used to bring people into deep states of relaxation & meditation by slowing down the brain waves & calming the nervous system. We are working to repair the body from the inside out! All you have to do is show up & listen!

Optional, Auricular Acupuncture is a 5 point protocol that works by stimulating points in the ears to detoxify the mind/body & spirit. This technique pairs perfectly with the gong meditation by adding additional relaxation to your being! It also works to eliminate stress, improve sleep, boost your Immunity & manage severe or chronic pain. $10




Wednesday’s, 7:30 – 8:30 PM

Gentle Restorative Yoga

Restorative Gentle Yoga is an hour long class of easing into postures that open the body gently to allow a return to stress-free mental state.  Deepening of the breath restores peace and provides freedom on a cellular level.  The balance of body and mind returns and a lightness of spirit emerges.


Slow Yoga

Your yoga journey will turn inward by practicing mostly with the eyes closed, enabling you to “feel” instead of “see” your way into a pose.  Great way to learn the asanas (poses), as all poses, from standing to seated, will be held for longer periods of time.  May contain a short flow, but mainly will be a slow venture into the asanas.


Slow Yoga Flow

Slow Yoga Flow is more intense than Gentle & Slow Yoga with the addition of short flows.  Some movements into and out of the asanas (poses), take place with the eyes closed, “feeling” instead of “seeing” the transitions.  Great for active beginners and is a natural segue into Ashtanga & Vinyasa.  Warm Room.


SlowYin Yoga

A new, 75 minute class offering a blend of a little of everything, with an emphasis on “Slow” & “Yin”.  Flows will be a small aspect, basically utilized to lubricate the joints. A slightly challenging, yet relaxing class that will keep you returning for more.  Created with every “body” in mind, this is a great class for all.


Align & Flow

During this class, you will experience a blend of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with the alignment and precision of Iyengar yoga.
This combination of postures and breath work has a profound effect to ground one’s spirit into the physical body.
Side effects: lightness, stability, physical health, and flexibility (outcome depends on one’s level of practice; mild, medium, intense).



Vinyasa is a flowing version of Ashtanga Yoga set to upbeat, vibrant music.  Aligning breath and movement, the student flows from one asana (posture), in a deliberate sequence. to another, igniting the Agni, the body’s incinerator, removing toxins from the body, mind & Spirit.  Very Aerobic.

The practice is complemented with longer holding asanas (yin) before the student takes rest in savasana.  Heated Room.


The Ashtanga Practice, also known as Power Yoga, is a fluid flow of asanas (postures), without pause, moving from one pose to another, taking deep breaths through the nose.  The practice requires strength, speed and endurance.  Great for those that want to take their practice to a new level and for those learning to teach yoga. Heated Room.

Private Classes

Village Yoga wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice, yet cannot fit a class into their schedule. Others want a special time for themselves, alone, or with a partner.  Great for Group Cohesion.

Private and Semi-Private Classes Available.

Please contact us to schedule a class in the studio or at a venue of your choice.