Reset and Restore the Mind with Restorative Yoga with Reggie


Reggie Townsend is the absolute BEST at Restorative Yoga

ReggieNever straying far from the mat since 1972, Reggie has this amazing, calm presence that she has been nurturing for the past 40 years.

Passionate about helping to bring balance into the lives of others, Reggie encourages the release of old traumas locked in the muscle of memory of the body and mind through her teaching of yoga and the Bowen Technique.

Restorative Yoga, offered on Monday nights at 7:15pm, is an “inactive” style of yoga. Utilizing bolsters, blocks, blankets and eye-pillows, the mind takes a break from it’s normally hectic, busy schedule. Compares to the reset of a computer (which the brain actually is), the practice allows the student to “clear the mind” of unnecessary “files”.

Many of the Yin asanas are used in the Restorative style, the difference being that the student does not feel any physical strain or tension in the body. This allows for soothing relaxation, almost to the point of napping (which may naturally happen if the student needs sleep).

Make Monday night YOUR night to restore & renew the mind.

Great for Pregnancy

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OCTOBER 8, 2017



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