General Information

If you are a new student, please fill out the following waiver.


Many ask, “Which class is right for me?”  Best answer is to check out all of the Class Styles and start from where YOU are.  Call or text Merrily with any questions that you may have.


Invite a friend, spouse, co-worker, to be your “yoga-buddy” for inspiration and accountability.  It’s amazing how well this buddy system works – truly.

We also offer Village Yogis, a custom application allowing students of the studio to view class schedules, register for classes and manage their accounts. Please claim your profile with:







 iphone users should use Village Yogi’s (click on app icon to download) and Android users,

please use the Tula Portal (click here).

New Students

If you are new to Village Yoga, here are some Suggestions:


•  Please download Tula app (iPhone's only) here.

•  Wear a sports bras (women), shorts, tanks, yoga

    pants/shorts, loose clothing, whatever you feel

    comfortable moving and stretching in.

•  Drink water before/after class.  You are

   “lighting a fire” in class and if you drink a ton of

    water you will

    work much harder to keep that fire lit!

•  Practice Yoga on an empty stomach.

•  Bring a Towel.

Teacher Training

August 27 – December 21, 2017


See article here


Learning Objectives:

• To prepare students to confidently lead safe and intelligently structured yoga classes for all levels.

• To deepen the students' knowledge of the history and philosophy of yoga.

• To share the techniques and benefits of a regular meditation practice.

• To provide a strong understanding of yoga asana, their alignment cues, safe and respectful assists, and proper placement in sequencing.

• To open a safe and inspiring environment for spiritual growth.


Open House

Please call or text – 248-797-0579


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