• Merrily McDonald

    Merrily McDonald

    Yoga mirrors life and my journey as a student and teacher has had many ups and downs, twists and turns, spectacular triumphs and stunning disappointments. It is through the sharing of stories about the journey, that students learn how to use yoga as a tool to smooth the path to stabilize the discomforts of life by bringing union to the breath, thought, movement & stillness.  Laughter, sometimes moans and a couple of tears, bring forth a feeling of togetherness – that we are okay.

  • MJ Autumn 2017

    MJ McDonald

    Since my first class eight years ago while on a date with my future wife, through breath and movement, I have learned more and more about myself than I ever imagined.  To this day, I consider myself a student first and then a teacher.

    Ashtanga…. What can I say but one breath, one movement, power yoga!

    I enjoy connecting with students, especially the newer ones, watching and supporting them grow into full-on yogis.

    Join me for Ashtanga Practice and see where it takes you.

  • Andy Brock

    Andy Brock

    I met my first yoga teacher working at a summer camp (a fitting beginning to my path of study) and began seriously studying with him the following fall in a lineage heavily influenced by Tibetan Heart Buddhism.  Though that tradition was my scholarly introduction, it is not the limitation my learning experience, and I shortly thereafter began to study in a second, related lineage of teachers in the tradition of Adviata Vedanta.  I am very fortunate and greatly blessed to have such knowledgeable and compassionate gurus!

  • Stephanie Williams

    Stephanie Williams

    I have always embraced yoga throughout my life in some way, shape or form.  Being formally trained in ballet, gymnastics and an active athlete, I grew up in constant playful wonder of the body.

    Since September 2012, I have completed 350+ hours of teaching certification in Integral, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, as well as 300+ hours in Thai massage.

    I aspire to teach clean and precise yoga, with attention to alignment and structural flow. Raise the Vibe Yoga!

  • Sam Mee

    Samantha Mee

    I am a certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Ayurveda translating to the science of life, or knowledge of longevity… which is the oldest health care system known to date.  It’s focus is helping individuals to balance all parts of their being (mind, body, & soul) and looking to correct imbalance which cause dis-EASE.

    I also recently completed an Ayurvedic psychology (Spiritual Counseling) course, helping one to dive deeper into their psyche to remove unwanted habits and limiting benefits.

  • Katy Fenton

    Katy Fenton

    I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and was drawn to it not only because of its physical and emotional aspects, but its spiritual component. Following a family tragedy, teaching was a place that offered me healing, as well as a place to help others experience the benefits of this ancient practice.
    I have been certified through Jonny Kest and have continued my education and practice through workshops and retreats.
    The beauty of yoga is that it is ongoing, always evolving, and always heightening one’s awareness. And being able to pass this on to others is a gift I will always value.

  • Reggie Townsend

    Reggie Townsend

    In 1972, I experienced my first official yoga class when introduced to the practice during a modern dance class. It became a huge part of my life ever since, never straying far from a mat.

    I am passionate about helping to bring balance into the lives of others by encouraging the release of old traumas locked in the muscle of memory of the body and mind through employing these various techniques.

  • Steven Schechter

    Steven Schechter

    I have always been a health and fitness advocate with a love for water sports, skiing and cycling. Practicing and teaching yoga was a natural progression with its many benefits linking breath, body and mind.

    Understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle led me to pursue a medical career. I am a practicing physician and have incorporated yoga and meditation into my treatment plan.

    I am recently certified by the yoga alliance and look forward to sharing my passion for yoga with you. Namaste!

  • Lisa Katzman

    Lisa Katzman

    More to be revealed…